Welcome! What you are reading now was nothing more than a thought in 2011 and believing in your self to understand that nothing happens overnight. It can take weeks, months or years before you actually start seen something that first became an idea then plan years later to execute. I my self like many people we all want a better for our selves, families and friends. We all take different routes to get to our dreams. Does not matter how? Just get there! Long story short. I remember growing up and me asking my father to buy me new kicks, clothes during my high school days was not always easy. What I always did have access to was my favorite musician, entrepreneurs and people around me with influence which shaped my mind slowly and helped see the paths that some of those people took to reach their goals. What I wanted was expensive and my parents tried, but could not always afford it. As I grew up in my home town of Miami life gave me circumstances, grief and rewards. Nothing is always what It seems and it takes time to better your self and understand what goals you put your self and what needs to be done to get there. Fast forward to 2016 Modafocas started to take shape of a finish idea and product which is what you currently see on our website. I hope you enjoy and see what I have to offer.


“Modafocas Clothing Company”